Mysterious Woman

From the start of the reboot, relaunch, restart from DC in September we have been shown insider information at the end of each issue in the form of creator interviews, art work, and the like. In last weeks issues (October 26th) DC threw in a page about the Mysterious Woman, introduced in Flashpoint #5, that sheds a little (very little) light on what the minds at DC have in store for us all.

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I have started reading through the Invincible series, by way of a generous donation, and found this beautifully crafted page by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley. A moment like this is only possible in the medium of comics and is what I love about them.

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As of this week we have finished up the first month of 52 new number ones being released by DC. There are have been some definite success stories and some that have just come up short. Here are my top five releases that I had pleasure to read.

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From the moment spandex clad heroes starting living on printed pages people have been flocking to newsstands. We have all been drawn to the idea of humans being more than the average person and have given these characters a special place in our lives. But is this mild obsession hurting the medium by driving away new readers and restricting the creativity of the creators?

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