Mysterious Woman and the New DCU

Mysterious WomanFrom the start of the reboot, relaunch, restart from DC in September we have been shown insider information at the end of each issue in the form of creator interviews, art work, and the like. In last weeks issues (October 26th) DC threw in a page about the Mysterious Woman, introduced in Flashpoint #5, that sheds a little (very little) light on what the minds at DC have in store for us all.

As most readers of the New DC 52 realized this floating, cloaked woman appeared in every issue of the New 52 released in September. Whether she was up and close in panel or hidden in the background amongst trees, she was there in panel for them all. Now in the back of these issues, Editor-in-Chief at DC Bob Harras lets us all know that this is not the last of her we will see. He writes about how Geoff Johns had the back-story built for this character and how Flashpoint would connect with the New 52 Universe. But apparently the crew at DC had their ducks in a row and were planning this new universe for some time and thought up a way in which the Mysterious Woman could be woven into all of these stories to “really drive home how important this character is.” Harras continues by saying we will soon see her again in the upcoming issues of Justice League and “events ripple across titles as we continue to weave the DC Universe together.”

I came away form this short article with a three reactions. First was, I really need to read Flashpoint #5 (curse you Hastings for short ordering). The next reaction came from the first few paragraphs telling of how much time Johns, Lee, and the rest put into planning out and crafting this “shift” in the DC Comics line. Since Flashpoint was the first time I bought monthly issued comics, I was extremely excited at the idea of starting at #1 with these great books. The time they put into these new issues is showing, as readers seem to be pleased with the new books. As the article began to come to a close is when I started to fret. Harras started to hint, if not out right say, that all the books are going to have an over-arching continuity. If this were true, I would be a little frustrated by it. In-book continuity is an aspect that is necessary, but when continuity begins to stretch out to other books I start to have qualms about it.

When it was said that the Mysterious Woman would be appearing in all new issues I had the feeling that this would be DC’s way to revert all the books back to a pre-Flashpoint state. But, I have faith in the creative team at DC (and the September sales reports) that this new DCU will continue to deliver top-notch books for years to come.


The Beauty of Comics

I have started reading through the Invincible series, by way of a generous donation, and found this beautifully crafted page by Robert Kirkman and Ryan Ottley. A moment like this is only possible in the medium of comics and is what I love about them.

Invincible #10, page 13







Favorite New 52 Issues

As of this week we have finished up the first month of 52 new number ones being released by DC. There are have been some definite success stories and some that have just come up short. Here are my top five releases that I had pleasure to read.

5. Justice League- The dynamic between Green Lantern and Batman was a great thing in this issue. As for Jim Lee’s art, well I’m a sucker for it. It’s just so shiny!

4.  The Flash- An issue that I was on the fence about reading, and besides one obvious disregard for the 180 rule am I happy that I grabbed this. And who doesn’t like clones?!

3. Batman- The dark undertone for this issue was very well done. Including three generations of Robin and the reveal that one is plotting the downfall of Bruce was great.

2. Teen Titans-Another issue I almost didn’t read. To understand just how much I liked this issue just read my review here.

1. Detective Comics- Showing that change can be good, the creative team behind Detective shot out of the gates and delivered a fantastic issue. This number one also included possibly the creepiest ending splash page I have ever seen.

So those are my top five from the new 52 releases. What five issues did you enjoy reading the most?

Superhero Baggage

From the moment spandex clad heroes starting living on printed pages people have been flocking to newsstands. We have all been drawn to the idea of humans being more than the average person and have given these characters a special place in our lives. But is this mild obsession hurting the medium by driving away new readers and restricting the creativity of the creators?

Having grown up merging their lives and the superheroes, readers have a sense of ownership of their favorite characters. They have memorized facts, read the original issues, and possibly dress like them for Halloween. Now, I would like to go on record saying there is nothing wrong with these acts, I too own a Green Lantern shirt. But with all the lead up to the new releases of long standing comics from DC happening right now, I saw a common theme start to emerge from within this group of fans. And that is that change is bad. When the new 52 were announced some fans took this almost as an attack on their childhood. Fans flocked to message boards to let their disapproval and predictions of failure be known to all.

These super-fans need to realize that they are not the only people reading these books. New generations of comic readers are coming along that may not know Smallville wasn’t always located Kansas. Comics need to be an evolving creature, and already are whether it is realized or not. Likewise, new creators are bringing fresh ideas to the drawing board.  A creator wouldn’t be hired to take over a book if the company wasn’t sure they had their best interest in mind for the property. New ideas and readers are necessary to keep the medium alive and sustaining for the years to come.

Being a fan and letting your voice, for the positive or negative, be heard is great, but readers can start taking it too personal.  We are all citizens in this multi-verse of comics and should be more accepting of new readers and the changes that are yet to come.

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