Watchmen Prequel?

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News of “Watchmen” add on stories have been circling around the Internet for some time now, but now an artist has been confirmed for one of four miniseries prequels. Andy Kubert (Ultimate X-Men, Batman and Son) has been announced to be drawing a prequel story for one of the four main characters. That is all that has been released so far.

The question remains though, do we need any add on to the Watchmen story? Throughout the story we are given the back-story to a majority of the characters. Also, “Watchmen was created with such ingenuity, with its underlying message and layout style, that it has been studied and talked about for decades. Over at they talked “Watchmen” with Dr. Peter Coogan and the idea of add on stories to this classic book.  You can follow this link and hear them discuss the self-contained nature of “Watchmen” and who the real author is.

So, what do you think? Is adding on to the “Watchmen” story line necessary? Tell us what you think in the comments bellow.


Alternative cover for Chew #22

After a month long break, everybody’s favorite (at least it should be) CHEW will be back with issue #22 on December 7th.  We can only speculate that the reason for the break involved Chew writer John Layman’s never ending quest to rid the world of scorpions (check his twitter feed, @themightylayman).

At the end of issue #21 former Special Agent Tony Chu was celebrating his eventful, first day as a traffic cop. Jump to two days later and local duffers are using Tony as a practice mat to fix their slice. After this beating, the cover preview for issue #22 of Tony as a hostage was no surpise.

But today more was reveled about the upcoming new issue. Layman had tweeted that this issue of Chew would have an alternative cover, shipped 50/50, and today that cover image was released. And here is it.

Comic Book Resources was given the exclusive first look and generously shared it with us all. The cover depicts Tony’s daughter Olive being held as a hostage by former Special Agent/Tony’s Nemesis Mason Savoy. The stage was set for this back in issue #20 when Savoy kidnaps Olive as she is leaving her high school.

And that is all we know for now, so next Wednesday make sure to pick up the Eisner Award Winning book CHEW by John Layman and Rob Guillory.

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