Favorite New 52 Issues

As of this week we have finished up the first month of 52 new number ones being released by DC. There are have been some definite success stories and some that have just come up short. Here are my top five releases that I had pleasure to read.

5. Justice League- The dynamic between Green Lantern and Batman was a great thing in this issue. As for Jim Lee’s art, well I’m a sucker for it. It’s just so shiny!

4.  The Flash- An issue that I was on the fence about reading, and besides one obvious disregard for the 180 rule am I happy that I grabbed this. And who doesn’t like clones?!

3. Batman- The dark undertone for this issue was very well done. Including three generations of Robin and the reveal that one is plotting the downfall of Bruce was great.

2. Teen Titans-Another issue I almost didn’t read. To understand just how much I liked this issue just read my review here.

1. Detective Comics- Showing that change can be good, the creative team behind Detective shot out of the gates and delivered a fantastic issue. This number one also included possibly the creepiest ending splash page I have ever seen.

So those are my top five from the new 52 releases. What five issues did you enjoy reading the most?

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